Seedling Sale

12th Annual Tree Seedling Sale

We have begun planning for our Annual Tree Seedling Sale.

This year’s sale will be held Monday through Friday either January  23rd – 27th, 2017  at the Gulf Coast/NRCS office located at the Lake Charles USDA Service Center, 5417 Gerstner Memorial Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70607.

Sale Hours will be from 8:30 AM3:00 PM all week


Thus far, we have ordered the following bareroots seedlings:

Please click on the links beside the species to gather more information.

  • Hardwood Species:
  1. Baldcypress – PFS-Baldcypress ; PG-Baldcypress
  2. Green Ash – PFS-Green Ash ; PG-Green Ash
  3. Eastern Redbud – PFS-Eastern Redbud ; PG-Eastern Redbud
  4. Flowering Dogwood – PFS-Flowering Dogwood ; PG-Flowering Dogwood
  5. Native Sweet Pecan – PFS-Native Swee Pecan ; PG-Native Sweet Pecan
  6. Red Maple – PFS-Red Maple ; PG-Red Maple
  7. Sugarberry – PFS-Sugarberry ; PG-Sugarberry

  • Hardwood Oak Species:
  1. Live Oak – PFS-Live Oak ; PG-Live Oak
  2. Water Oak –
  3. White Oak – PFS-White Oak

  • Speciality Hardwood Species (Fruit Bearing):
  1. Mayhaw –  PG-Native Mayhaw ; PFS-Native Mayhaw
  2. Persimmon  – PG-Common Persimmon
  3. Wild Pear –
  4. Southern Crabapple – PFS-Southern Crabapple

  • Potted Species (planted and house by the Grand Lake FFA Chapter):
  1. To be announced!

How do I plant a bare root seedling? See link – How to plant bare-root trees


The Gulf Coast SWCD would like to greatly thank the Grand Lake FFA Chapter for all they have done in the past Tree Seedling Sales and we look forward to continuing working with these amazing students in continuing to better our annual Tree Seedling Sales. Working together has created a new way for both parties to help promote the importance of each other.

If you have any questions concerning the upcoming sale please do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated: February 9, 2017

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